48+ Eye-Opening Web Browser Statistics (2020)

Choosing a web browser depends on many factors including personal preference, device, and purpose. For example, Mac users can only use Apple’s Safari, whereas gamers may prefer to use Opera GX which offers gaming deals every day.

Whether you have your own favourite web browser or you’re wondering what’s out there, UK Web Host Review has discovered that the popularity of a web browser can depend on location! For example, Oceania has the highest Safari usage with a 31.92% market share.

To connect to the world wide web, users require some kind of client. In 2018, there were a whopping 112+ browsers on the market to choose from. Whilst Microsoft’s Internet Explorer used to rule the roost, Google Chrome has now taken over the top spot in the majority of countries and on the most devices.

However, that isn’t to say Chrome is the only choice out there. Whether you’re developing the latest app, planning your next website project, or are simply interested, it’s incredibly important to understand the eye-opening web browser statistics in the infographic below. Understanding what your target market want and what technology they’re using could be the key to your next success.

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