Employer Branding goes agile und Jurgen Appelo goes EB-X

  • Die Fachkonferenz Employer Brand Experience (EB-X) führt ihren Auftakt in Deutschland fort und öffnet am 13./14.11.18 in Wien wieder ihre Pforten
  • Jurgen Appelo, der Star der Management 3.0 und Agilitäts-Szene, liefert die Keynote
  • Inspirierende Speaker, zahlreiche Cases und neue Formate ermöglichen das Zusammenstellen einer individuellen Employer Brand Journey, die alle Facetten des Employer Brandings abdeckt
Jurgen Appelo

Agility is becoming a meaningless buzzword

We’re falling over ourselves to become agile, but sometimes more haste is less speed.

by Adam Gale

In October last year, the boss of a well known firm uttered those fateful words ‘we need to become a more agile company’.

Both the sentiment and the jobs cuts that followed would have been unremarkable, except for the fact that the company in question was Wal-Mart.

Agility requires flight of foot, the ability to turn on a dime, as the Americans put it. Wal-Mart is a $450bn leviathan with over two million employees. It’s like your 70 year-old mother getting a sprawling Kendrick Lamar tattoo to get down with the kids. Just… no.

The agility buzzword finally seemed to have lost all meaning.


Real Agility
Real Agility