Real Time Emoployee Morale

Employee Morale: Measure. Talk. Improve. REPEAT! – Interview with Celpax‘ Rebecca Lundin

Prof. Dr. Peter Wald im Interview mit Rebeccy Lundin, Celpax Stockholm

Rebecca Lundin

This year’s HR Innovation Day is approaching. It is a good tradition to present the keynote speakers in interviews. My interviewee for today is Rebecca Lundin, Co-founder of Celpax from Stockholm.  I am very pleased that she will give a keynote on the topic. „Real Time Employee Morale: Why measure daily?“. I have known Rebecca virtually for a long time and blogged on the application of the Celpax device at Unilever in Kleve in the Leipzig HRM blog. Rebecca was also kind enough to answer my „(5 (+1) Question/s on expectations on Human Resource Management“.