What is it like to work at the adidas Group?

Steve Fogarty
Steve Fogarty

By Steve Fogarty

We set out to make it easier, to cut through the corporate jargon. We threw out the corporate clichés, work hard play hard, bla, bla. The true story of a workplace can’t be made up. It must be uncovered. As part of the Talent Acquisition team we are inspired all the time by the countless stories our fans tell us about why they want to join. We are humbled by their determination. We experience their wins with them. We also witness first-hand the loss when they don’t get the job. This is a constant reminder of what we have. But how do we define exactly what we have as an entire organization?

We had to cross borders and boundaries. We went to adidas Group locations at the corners of the world. We had to reach deep inside our brands. We searched for colleagues fresh out of school and twenty-year veterans. And we asked a couple of simple questions. Why did you join? What really keeps you here? And what inspires you most about being here? It gets down to that very core question, what is it like to work at the adidas Group? And this is how we uncovered what we have.

The truth behind what a career at the adidas Group can offer





It’s an incredible feeling when you can capture an abstract thing, like culture, and summarize it down to its core essence. Of course this doesn’t capture everything. There are many, many factors that make up the culture of an organization. But it captures the things that our employees say are some of the most important for them. The beauty in knowing what makes us ‘us’ is that we can bring clarity to our fans who want to join us and we can continue to nurture this culture within our organization.

You might be curious how this differs from an organization’s values? I was. The difference is that our values are what we aspire to be. Just as an organization offers certain things to prospective and current employees, an organization also expects certain things. One of those things is that people who join can stand behind our values. We search for people who share our values and will carry the torch in supporting the organization in living out these values. You can learn more about what we expect here.

As for what we offer, our goal is to share as much as possible. We want our fans, prospective employees and new hires to have as much insight as possible to make an informed decision about their next career move. We will be running a series of stories on our blog over the coming months bringing to life each of the pillars above from our employees’ perspective. In the meantime, we would like to share with you a story about making greatness happen. Real employees, sharing their views on working here, and showing the world what they are passionate about! When you watch this, if you are energized by it, if you feel our culture matches your personal values, then you might want to consider a career with the adidas Group.



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