Job Board Summit 2013 London

How Jobg8 helps Job Boards to master their biggest challenge

Louise Grant
Louise Grant

Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

Active Sourcing, Social Media Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting, Talent Management, Post & Pray Recruiting, Job Aggregators – the buzz about the latest developments in recruiting can be overwhelming. All the recruiting buzz blurs the vision on the key challenge job board operators have always faced: post the job ad and bring in the right applicants. As it would be not enough, a distinguished player enters the picture presenting a totally new business model, aimed to help the Job Board industry: Jobg8 is on the move.

Gerhard Kenk, Publisher of Crosswater Job Guide, talked to Louise Grant, CEO of Jobg8 and sponsor of the upcoming Job Board Summit in London. And Louise did not blink an eye when asked how she would spend an unexpected budget increase. She would take the money and run – to expand the business in Asia.


What are the key points in Jobg8’s business model?

What keeps Lee Biggins awake at Night: Job Board Summit 2013 Interviews

Contributed by Keith Robinson.

Lee Biggins
Lee Biggins

I’ve known Lee for many years and, as a keynote speaker at the European Job Board Summit 2013, I was interested not just to hear his views on building and running a job board business but also how he sees key management issues and what still keeps “keeps him awake at night”.

Lee’s back ground and how he set CV Library up is also not the conventional one, as you will see. Lee was not one of those publishing or recruitment consultancy guys like I was prior to joining Lee was a carpet fitter, working for his Dad’s business down in Fleet. He and his friends thought that it was odd that, as a job seeker, you had to send your CV to lots of companies when applying for a job, rather than a company come to one place where all the CVs sat in a searchable library… the birth of CV Library.

Networking at the Job Board Summit 2013 in London: When Job Boarder’s Talk

Contributed by Keith Robinson
Ian Partington
Ian Partington

One of the great things about being involved with the Job Board Summit is the opportunity to meet or reconnect with old friends from the industry.  Networking is very much at the heart of what the summit is all about. Back in June I met with Ian Partington at our U.S Summit. Ian had attended our first ever Summit in the UK last year and travelled over to the US event. He saw the value to be gained by attending the summits and says “by nature I’m into networking but in our industry an event like this just didn’t exist, you get to hear different people, with different ideas but all with a common theme relevant to my business plus you get to meet and network with so many people from so many countries”

I recently got the opportunity to interview Ian as part of our Job Boarders Talk series.