How Jobg8 helps Job Boards to master their biggest challenge

Louise Grant
Louise Grant

Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

Active Sourcing, Social Media Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting, Talent Management, Post & Pray Recruiting, Job Aggregators – the buzz about the latest developments in recruiting can be overwhelming. All the recruiting buzz blurs the vision on the key challenge job board operators have always faced: post the job ad and bring in the right applicants. As it would be not enough, a distinguished player enters the picture presenting a totally new business model, aimed to help the Job Board industry: Jobg8 is on the move.

Gerhard Kenk, Publisher of Crosswater Job Guide, talked to Louise Grant, CEO of Jobg8 and sponsor of the upcoming Job Board Summit in London. And Louise did not blink an eye when asked how she would spend an unexpected budget increase. She would take the money and run – to expand the business in Asia.


What are the key points in Jobg8’s business model?

We work with the job boards to help them in 2 keys areas:

  1. Our members can buy qualified candidate applications through Jobg8. This is very powerful when response levels need boosting.
  2. A job board can also receive job postings from us delivered in their own branding so we do not direct the candidate of to competitive brands. This enhances the experience for their candidates and also provides them with a new source of revenue as we pay them each time a candidate applies.

How does Job8 differentiates itself from Job Aggregators?

We work on a Cost per application basis, therefore providing an alternative to paying CPC to aggregators. We are further up the value chain as we are a pay for performance model.  Our members only pay when a CV/Resume has been delivered to their customer. This eliminates the risk of a job board purchasing clicks that do not convert to applications on their job board.

What are gaps and shortcomings in the recruiting cycle and how does Jobg8 contribute to closing these gaps?

Our customers often receive feedback that they provide too many applications from the wrong candidates. We provide the job boards with the ability to ask qualifying questions to help eliminate the candidates that do not have the correct skill set.

Employers can have bad experiences where they choose a job board that may not be able to deliver applications for the type of job postings they have posted and paid for. With Jobg8 the job boards can be very strategic about which areas they need help to deliver more applications. Therefore, ensuring that their advertiser gets value for money.

Each job board has its own strengths and weaknesses but the collaborative power of the Jobg8 network means that job boards can deliver value to advertisers even in areas that traditionally their organic activity is weak.

How exactly does the process of posting and applying work between Job Boards, Jobg8 and Candidates?

The job boards post their jobs to us either by xml or online and  we syndicate them to our network of websites. Jobg8 manages the apply process, this way we are able to present the qualifying questions and decline the unqualified candidates.

Who pays for this service and why?

Our Job Board members buy job applications in order to ensure they are providing value for money to their paying customers.

The Jobg8 Network has over 4,000 members worldwide and they reach over 80 million unique visitors per month.

What is the benefit to Candidates / Job Seekers?

The job board world is very fragmented and so the candidates have many choices of where to look for a job. If you choose the wrong site you may not come across the perfect job that is out there. As the Job8 network is so large it means the jobs are in more places and therefore means that the right candidate is more likely to see and apply to the job. We also provide feedback to the candidate when they have not met the requirements of the job.

How do you increase reach, branding and visibility of Jobg8?

Job Board Summit Europe 2013 by Jobg8
Job Board Summit Europe 2013

All of our customers are Job boards and so we have a very niche set of customers. We are very proactive with our  direct communication but we also run 2 events each year that gets the Job Board community together. The Job Board Summits take place in London in December and USA in June next year.

We also find that our existing customer will refer us to other job boards that they already work with or who they would like to see join the network.


If you would unexpectedly have $ 100.000 available for a project to improve and strengthen Jobg8, how would you spend the money?

We would look at additional products that would support the job board industry and provide new sources of revenue for the job boards.  Jobg8  already operates globally but our presence is strongest in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. Additional capital investment could also accelerate our advance into Asia.

The dynamic recruiting technology and the many recruiting channels continue to evolve. Can Jobg8 keep up with these changing trends in recruiting?

We are essentially a piece of technology so we have to keep up with the ever changing trends. We keep a close eye on new models launching in the recruiting arena.  Job Boards are still the first choice for job seekers and many of our members are adopting new recruiting channels (like Facebook & Twitter) which I’m pleased to say our technology is compatible with. We also have a team of very talented technical people to ensure we keep ahead of the trend.

How does the trend to Active Sourcing affect your business model?

Active sourcing can affect us to a degree but I strongly believe that candidates will continue to use job boards to look for work and employers will continue to need to advertise. Jobg8 helps the job boards to ensure they deliver a great service to customers and candidate and I haven’t seen anything out there that would eliminate this behaviour.

Thank you Louise for your answers.

Louise Grant is Chief Executive Officer at Jobg8.

About Jobg8

Founded in 2008, Jobg8 has deep roots within the job board industry.  The founder of Jobg8, Robbie Cowling, started one of the first and most successful job sites in Europe in 1995 and understands the problems facing job board owners today.  Jobg8 was created to address these challenges.  The senior management team at Jobg8 has over 40 years of combined job board experience on multiple continents and believes passionately about the value of the platform that they have created.


Jobg8 Understands Job Boards

The Jobg8 marketplace is a unique service within the job board industry and addresses three key challenges facing job board operators today:

Job boards operate in a fragmented market of over 50,000 job boards from various countries. This makes it difficult for advertisers to know where to post jobs and for job seekers to know where to look for relevant positions.

Driving traffic to your job board can be expensive and includes no guarantee that the added traffic will yield the qualified applicants that your advertisers demand.

Although many boards can deliver clicks and „job views“, what is truly required is delivering qualified applicants to your advertisers.  Your advertisers would rather review a smaller list of qualified CVs, than a large number of unqualified applications.


Jobg8 has built the world’s largest job board network, today over 4,000 job boards use the network to deliver more response to their customers and more job postings to their job seeker audience.

We have developed a unique and innovative platform for job boards that are serious about their business. We offer one of the most efficient tools for managing the supply and demand issues that job boards struggle with every day.

  • Purchase applications for your paying customers
  • Significantly increase your job boards reach to a potential 80 million unique visitors
  • Provide more relevant job postings to your job seekers
  • Generate an additional source of revenue
  • No CPC (Cost Per Click) Jobg8 operates a CPA (Cost Per Application)


Relevant, qualified applications are at the heart of the Jobg8 Network.

The Jobg8 Network has over 4,000 members worldwide and they reach over 80 million unique visitors per month.


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