Job hunting: Women choose employers differently

Düsseldorf.  In waging the war to attract talent companies should take much more seriously the different expectations of men and women and their different academic background. That is the result of a study by the career network, which is supported by McKinsey. Job hunting men and women share many characteristics but some factors vary considerably. Female top students for example aim much more at identifying with their future colleagues than do male high potentials. Also women actively consider whether a corporation takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Male top students, however spend more time thinking about their career prospects, the content of their first pay cheque, the geographic location of the job and the international profile of their desired employer.

Apart from gender, graduates‘ academic background determines their criteria for the choice of a future employer, finds the study. Graduates in business or economics, mathematics or physics are in general mainly driven by the prospect of being able to rise through the ranks; engineers, biologists and chemists, though, expect a spirit of innovation from their future employer. Graduates in liberal arts are attracted by a collaborative climate and responsible behaviour.

In other regards female and male job seekers are very much alike, no matter what degree they hold. The expectation of fun at work is as much a prerequisite for a job application as a passion for the product or service of the employer. Criteria such as job security or work-life-balance are less important for top talents.

Overall, a career in science remains the most attractive field of work for applicants from specific vocations, according to the study. One out of three mathematicians, physicians and computer scientist and one out of five medical doctors want to work in science; amongst engineers the figure is one in ten. (September 9th, 2010)

Source: McKinsey / Jobguide by matchboxmedia

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