OECD Review of Policies to improve Labour Market Prospects for Older Workers

Giving older people better work incentives and choices is crucial in the context of rapid population ageing and pressures on the sustainability of public social expenditures. Therefore, the OECD is carrying out a new review of policies to encourage greater labour market participation at an older age by fostering employability, job mobility and labour demand. This review will build upon the policy agenda that was presented in its major multi-country report, Live Longer, Work Longer, published in 2006. The review consists of several activities:

  • A comparative policy review of recent reforms and measures to stimulate employment of older workers.
  • Country case studies  to evaluate the impact of recent policy reforms and identify good-practice measures.
  • An empirical study of the labour market for older workers focussing on the role of demand-side factors in shaping their job opportunities, employability and job mobility.
  • A cross-national policy synthesis report  of the findings of the policy review, the analytical study and the country case studies.

More and more older people are working. Employment of workers aged 60-64 as a percentage of the population aged 60-64, 2001 and 2011‌‌

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