Disparities in Employment

Gender Pay Gap Statistics (2020)

Unfortunately, not all is equal in the professional world. Despite major improvements in recent years, there is still a gender pay gap that negatively affects women.

Given how important this issue is, we put together this list of the 25 most important gender pay gap statistics of 2020 that your business needs to know.

A quick note: when people talk about the “gender pay gap” they are most often referring to three disparities that are closely linked:

  1. Disparities in Payment;
  2. Disparities in Employment;
  3. Disparities in Education;

All three of these factors contribute to the gender pay gap and we will note some statistics from each category.

Gender Payment Gap Statistics

1. Women Earn 79 Cents for Every Dollar Men Earn

Let’s start with a commonly cited statistic. Averaging the gross income for all women and men in the county, women on average earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.

This figure does not control for education and qualifications [1].

Women Earn 79 Cents for Every Dollar Men Earn

2. When Controlling for Specific Employment and Qualifications, Men and Women Make About the Same

The previous figure did not take into account the specific jobs and qualifications of men and women.