Google for Jobs Traffic Has Plateaued, Will It Disappear for Good?

There hasn’t been much news coming out of Google lately regarding Google for Jobs, the job search feature which launched over 2 years ago. The last update they had was back in June when it was announced they had entered France. Before that, they had enabled a remote jobs filter back in February.

Last week I was chatting with a staffing company who was able to get their jobs included only to discover that the traffic that came with it was paltry at best. They had been looking to offset their Indeed traffic loss but it was not to be.

Job boards I have spoken to the past few months tell me the same. While the quality of a click from G4J is excellent (lower bounce rate, better conversion) there just isn’t enough of it to go around.

The listings on G4J are still being dominated by the major job boards. They have the most jobs and that seems to be the key to getting any substantial traffic. The more jobs you the have the more traffic you will get.

Ankündigung von Google for Jobs