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Job Boards vs LinkedIn: The yin and yang of recruitment advertising

Jeff Dickes_Chasins
The Job Board Doctor Jeff Dickes-Chasins offering advice

The bat­tle between the two major job plat­forms con­tin­ues to rage! With many won­der­ing if LinkedIn or Job Boards are king, where has this heated debate sprung from? Search for “death of the job board” and you will dis­cover hun­dreds of results — that’s a lot of pes­simism sur­round­ing an indus­try that employs many tens of thou­sands world­wide and helps many mil­lions find their dream jobs. Let’s dig a lit­tle deeper…

In a recent sur­vey by (Jan­u­ary 2015) respon­dents high­lighted that niche job boards receive 5–20 appli­cants per advert, with gen­er­al­ist job boards receiv­ing 11–30 appli­cants per advert. With 81% of respon­dents stat­ing that the qual­ity of appli­cants is crit­i­cal to employ­ers, this demon­strates that not only are job boards still incred­i­bly rel­e­vant, but that the niche job boards are receiv­ing excel­lent apply rates for every posted vacancy. This is vital in a recruit­ment land­scape where niche recruit­ment is start­ing to dominate.