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Big Data Analysis: Conclusions for Recruiters

Gerhard Kenk
Gerhard Kenk

Interview: Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide talks to Mariano Mamertino, Indeed Hiring Lab

Cross-border recruiting is based on the interlinking of international and specialised labour markets. Skills and cultural fit must match across borders to allow work environment and performance independent of a given location. Software development, medical research, aircraft engineering or foreign exchange dealing are just a few examples where these conditions prevail. Cross-border recruiting greatly enhances the flexibility of international labour markets and offer a better equalisation of supply and demand. But why would qualified experts decide to leave their own countries to endeavor abroad for better working and living conditions? When major political or economic events errupt, the pattern of job searches are a lead indicator of these trigger events. A few of these events have been covered in the international media, such as the recent US-presidential election or the decision of British voters to leave the EU. Brexit and Trump – these two trigger events have left their footprint in cross-border recruiting as a big data analysis by has shown. These examples are also indicative of big data analysis in recruiting.

Crosswater Job Guide talked to Mariano Mamertino of the Indeed Hiring Lab about big data analysis and the conclusions for recruiters.