Job Board Summit Europe: Go Mobile, Young Man

Dave Martin
Dave Martin

Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

London. If there was ever a question about the hot topic at the Job Board Summit Europe 2013 held December 4th to 5th in London, it was Mobile Recruiting in all variations.  Jobg8, the organiser of the conference, paid tribute to the technological advancement, trend or hype and put the topic bluntly in front of the audience, some 170 representative of job boards from France, South Africa, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, USA and the UK.

David Martin, Co Founder of Pocket Recruit, presented his opinion in the talk on „The Power of Mobile“. He made it clear that the recruiting industry is undergoing a paradigm shift as more and more mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones are used to access the internet – any time – any place- any topic. As a consequence of the increased usage of mobile device pressure builds up to provide candidates in search of a job a good user experience when accessing a company career website or a job board to search for career opportunities.


Mobile Recruiting
Mobile Recruiting


Dave Martin (aka @mobile_dave), Co-Founder of Pocket Recruit, has been described as a mobile Internet evangelist. Throughout his career he has been drawn to the mobile sector ranging from news services, iPhone & Android apps, retail mSites and mobile recruiting solutions. He has worked with Fortune 100 and large domestic brands, SMEs and various start ups supporting them to maximize technology to deliver real business value.



banner_jobg8_jobboard_summit_europe_skyscraperAbout Jobg8

Founded in 2008, Jobg8 has deep roots within the job board industry.  The founder of Jobg8, Robbie Cowling, started one of the first and most successful job sites in Europe in 1995 and understands the problems facing job board owners today.  Jobg8 was created to address these challenges.  The senior management team at Jobg8 has over 40 years of combined job board experience on multiple continents and believes passionately about the value of the platform that they have created.


Jobg8 Understands Job Boards

The Jobg8 marketplace is a unique service within the job board industry and addresses three key challenges facing job board operators today:

Job boards operate in a fragmented market of over 50,000 job boards from various countries. This makes it difficult for advertisers to know where to post jobs and for job seekers to know where to look for relevant positions.

Driving traffic to your job board can be expensive and includes no guarantee that the added traffic will yield the qualified applicants that your advertisers demand.

Although many boards can deliver clicks and „job views“, what is truly required is delivering qualified applicants to your advertisers.  Your advertisers would rather review a smaller list of qualified CVs, than a large number of unqualified applications.


Jobg8 has built the world’s largest job board network, today over 4,000 job boards use the network to deliver more response to their customers and more job postings to their job seeker audience.

We have developed a unique and innovative platform for job boards that are serious about their business. We offer one of the most efficient tools for managing the supply and demand issues that job boards struggle with every day.

  • Purchase applications for your paying customers
  • Significantly increase your job boards reach to a potential 80 million unique visitors
  • Provide more relevant job postings to your job seekers
  • Generate an additional source of revenue
  • No CPC (Cost Per Click) Jobg8 operates a CPA (Cost Per Application)


Relevant, qualified applications are at the heart of the Jobg8 Network.

The Jobg8 Network has over 4,000 members worldwide and they reach over 80 million unique visitors per month.


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