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Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

The organisers of the second Job Board Summit Europe 2013, the job board network marketplace jobg8, proved once again to not only attract a Europe-wide attendance, but also to combine this conference event with a trace of British history. The conference location was chosen to be Dexter House at the Royal Mint Court, right in the center of a historical part of London. Dating back to 886, the Royal Mint was located adjacent to the Tower Hill. One of the Mint Masters was Sir Isaac Newton, philosopher, mathematician (Principia Mathematica) and widely acclaimed as one of the most important scientist of all time. However, the Job Board Summit Europe had it’s own agenda as issues like mobile recruiting, branding, social media recruiting and current industry challenges were at the top of the mint mind set.


Louise Grant, CEO of jobg8, pointed out the goals of the conference: „Our aim is to create networks which share knowledge and facilitate the development of new ideas – helping improve and evolve the performance and opportunities for the Job Board industry as a whole“.

When the conference kick-started with a cocktail reception and networking event, I took the opportunity to talk to Elmar Enders, Account Manager DACH at jobg8.

  • Crosswater Job Guide: What expectations do you personally have with regards the Job Board Summit Europe?
Elmar Enders, Account Manager, jobg8 at Job Board Summit Europe
Elmar Enders, Account Manager, jobg8 at Job Board Summit Europe
  • Enders: One of the clear objectives of such a conference is to show how jobg8 as a network marketplace for job boards, can help and improve the performance of job boards related to attracting qualified candidates and convert this attraction into applications.Additionally, the conference has a distinct European perspective, stressing the international aspects of the recruiting industry.
  • Crosswater Job Guide: What are the key areas Job Boards should improve?
  • Enders: It is not so much an issue to look at functional or technical improvements. The key challenge is the performance and delivery of the end result recruiters expect: the quality of candidates and their applications to specific job ads published in the network’s marketplace.
  • Crosswater Job Guide: What about improvements in the recruiting process?
  • Enders: Job ads have traditionally contained a significant share of information on employer branding and not enough information on the specific job opening which should be filled. Primarily, candidates make their first decision about the job requirement match – the employer value proposition follows later.
  • Crosswater Job Guide: Are there any differences in Job Boards across Europe?
  • Enders: Yes, indeed. The first area of difference is in the corporate branding of Job Boards as a differentiator in the recruiting market place. Secondly, the use of job ads specially designed to be in-line with the Corporate Identidy standards of the employer varies widely across Europe. And last not least, the prices of a job ad in continental Europa are higher than in the UK.

 To upgrade oder to downgrade, that’s the question

Jobg8’s business modell is clearly aligned to offer participating job boards a better value, an upgrade to the bottom line by attracting more qualified candidates. While Sir Issac Newton was Mint Master, in 1717 he did exactly the opposite by downgrading the Pound Sterling vom a gold standard to a less valuable silver standard.

About Jobg8

Founded in 2008, Jobg8 has deep roots within the job board industry.  The founder of Jobg8, Robbie Cowling, started one of the first and most successful job sites in Europe in 1995 and understands the problems facing job board owners today.  Jobg8 was created to address these challenges.  The senior management team at Jobg8 has over 40 years of combined job board experience on multiple continents and believes passionately about the value of the platform that they have created.


Jobg8 Understands Job Boards

The Jobg8 marketplace is a unique service within the job board industry and addresses three key challenges facing job board operators today:

Job boards operate in a fragmented market of over 50,000 job boards from various countries. This makes it difficult for advertisers to know where to post jobs and for job seekers to know where to look for relevant positions.

Driving traffic to your job board can be expensive and includes no guarantee that the added traffic will yield the qualified applicants that your advertisers demand.

Although many boards can deliver clicks and „job views“, what is truly required is delivering qualified applicants to your advertisers.  Your advertisers would rather review a smaller list of qualified CVs, than a large number of unqualified applications.


Jobg8 has built the world’s largest job board network, today over 4,000 job boards use the network to deliver more response to their customers and more job postings to their job seeker audience.

We have developed a unique and innovative platform for job boards that are serious about their business. We offer one of the most efficient tools for managing the supply and demand issues that job boards struggle with every day.

  • Purchase applications for your paying customers
  • Significantly increase your job boards reach to a potential 80 million unique visitors
  • Provide more relevant job postings to your job seekers
  • Generate an additional source of revenue
  • No CPC (Cost Per Click) Jobg8 operates a CPA (Cost Per Application)

Relevant, qualified applications are at the heart of the Jobg8 Network.

The Jobg8 Network has over 4,000 members worldwide and they reach over 80 million unique visitors per month.


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Tel: +44 (0) 1206 833100

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