FREELANCERS INCUBATOR LAUNCHES POWERFUL LEARNING PLATFORM FOR INDEPENDENT WORKERS AROUND THE WORLD Is The First Global Resource of Its Kind to Provide Free Online Training to New Freelancers to Help Them Acquire Skills and Achieve Success-

Sofia, Bulgaria – July 2, 2019—Entering the world of freelancing is not the easiest thing to do. Whether you’re a designer, writer, developer, or an expert in another area, it can be hard to figure out how to begin or where to turn for guidance if you’re just starting out—until now. Freelancers Incubator is aiming to change the way people become freelancers with the launch of the first global platform of its kind, where top freelancers share their experiences with those who are starting to work in this competitive market. is a project of Net IT Ltd. (, a licensed training center in Bulgaria that trains thousands of students each year, often outpacing other institutions of higher learning in the Balkan country.


“The market shows that the interest in vocational training among people is growing. Now it is easier than ever for people to acquire new skills quickly and efficiently so that they can pursue promising professional opportunities without having to spend years going through the university. Given that companies are increasingly turning to independent workers over full-time employees for project-based jobs, new freelancers will need to be able to adapt to this changing business environment, and Freelancers Incubator helps them do so for free,” says Ilian Petrov, CEO at Net IT and Founder of Freelancers Incubator.


The Future of Freelancing

According to a recent study conducted by the Learning Center, nearly 42 percent of people seeking retraining take this path so that they can start working for themselves. After realizing a critical need to prepare students to work as freelancers, Net IT immediately developed the program “Successful Start in Freelancing” for its clients.

However, during the process, it became evident that there was no international source that provides training on how to start freelancing and how to be successful. The Net IT team soon realized that they could create something significant that would not only benefit students in Bulgaria but also many people around the world, and that is how came into fruition. 


The reality is that for many people, starting out in freelancing is not the easiest of endeavors. The Net IT team behind understands this universal issue, and that is why they are committed to helping individuals who want to start freelancing start and do so for free. There is no cost to join the live webinars, which are taught in English by leading and established freelancers. New topics are regularly being added, and current sessions range from “How to Freelance in Digital Marketing” to “Home-based Jobs,” “Client Base: How to Search for Clients,” “Tools to Grow Your Freelance Skills” and more. For anyone who misses the live webinars, recorded videos are available to access at their convenience.


While Freelancers Incubator is collaborating with a number of successful freelancers from different countries, the company is also looking for others who want to share their experiences and become lecturers. Along with webinar training, the Freelancers Incubator team is also currently developing helpful tools, including a virtual community, where freelancers can connect, access time management tools, initiate orders, and handle billing and invoicing, among other features.

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