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Google in Europe: Helping more people in the U.K. find their next job

Joy Xi

Autor: Joy Xi, Google Product Manager Search

Like anyone who has searched for a job at some point in their lives, I know from experience how hard it can be to find the right role. You can spend days scouring job postings that are scattered across the web, flicking through newspapers or dropping into local employers, yet still struggle to find a job that suits you. Employers may be feeling the impact of this too: three quarters of U.K. employers face talent shortages and have issues filling open positions with the right candidate.

Today, more people are turning to Google to find information about their next role. We have a long history of using our technology to connect people with information, so we’re excited to bring a new job search experience to Google to connect people in the U.K. to job opportunities. This new feature in Search lets you more easily explore jobs from across the web and find job postings that suit your needs and skills.


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What keeps Lee Biggins awake at Night: Job Board Summit 2013 Interviews

Contributed by Keith Robinson.

Lee Biggins
Lee Biggins

I’ve known Lee for many years and, as a keynote speaker at the European Job Board Summit 2013, I was interested not just to hear his views on building and running a job board business but also how he sees key management issues and what still keeps “keeps him awake at night”.

Lee’s back ground and how he set CV Library up is also not the conventional one, as you will see. Lee was not one of those publishing or recruitment consultancy guys like I was prior to joining Lee was a carpet fitter, working for his Dad’s business down in Fleet. He and his friends thought that it was odd that, as a job seeker, you had to send your CV to lots of companies when applying for a job, rather than a company come to one place where all the CVs sat in a searchable library… the birth of CV Library.