How To Write A Resume That Passes The Artificial Intelligence Test


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In my work as a career, executive and leadership coach for women, we often engage in the process of developing stronger resumes and LinkedIn profiles that stand out, as well as identify strategies for networking and applying for top-level roles that represent significant advancement and growth.

A question that frequently comes up has to do with the role of artificial intelligence in screening resumes, and how candidates can craft a winning a resume that will pass the bots and the system and get into human hands.

AI-friendly Resume
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How To Beat The Bots And Get Your Résumé Seen By Humans

13 Ways To Beat The Evil Robots At Their Own Game And Get Your Résumé Seen By Humans

Jack Kelly

By Jack Kelly, FORBES Contributor

Back in the day, human resources was humane. It’s hard to believe that there used to be real-life, actual people who read résumés, responded to the submissions and spoke with job seekers. Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ll blow your mind some more; hiring managers and in-house corporate recruiters would prepare candidates before an interview, provide feedback and offer constructive criticism to help the job seekers perform better in subsequent interviews. They would manage the applicants’ expectations on how long the process would take, how many people they’ll meet with and the best way to present themselves. There was no such thing as “ghosting” in those days. If a person was not offered the job, someone at the company would offer feedback as to why.

Internet Gigant Facebook rüstet auf im Recruiting-Wettbewerb 

Brian Blum

Nun ist der Lebenslauf an der Reihe. Die von vielen Bewerbern eigentlich ungeliebter Pflichtaufgabe der Erstellung eines Lebenslaufs steht nun auch beim Internet-Giganten Facebook auf der Prioritätenliste. Brian Blum, Autor bei Facebook-Watch der AIM-Gruppe, beschreibt in seinem Artikel worum es Facebook eigentlich geht. Zunächst einmal kopiert übernimmt Facebook die Idee eines LinkedIn-Feature  zur Erstellung eines Lebenslaufs. Dieser kann dann von Facebook-Mitgliedern als Teil ihrer Jobsuche genutzt werden.