Jobg8 Releases job posting and management platform

Louise Grant

Tiptree, Essex UK – today announced the addition of a new job posting and campaign management tool, Manage Jobs Online, for their job board clients. Job boards are beginning to understand and appreciate that purchasing qualified applications from Jobg8 is of much better value than purchasing “clicks” of questionable value.  As the job market continues to improve, more clients want to move their jobs to the Jobg8 marketplace and purchase those applications for their customers.  The new Jobg8 tool allows clients to easily upload their postings to Jobg8 and then use advanced online tools to create and manage a specific campaign that sends only selected positions to the network to increase application rates.

Manage Jobs Online also makes the management of filter questions easier for Jobg8 network members. Clients are acutely aware of the quality of candidates they receive from job boards and, as such, Jobg8’s tailored filter questions allow job boards to deliver their customers the highest quality candidates for each position.

Louise Grant, Commercial Manager for Jobg8 in Europe and Australia stated that “This new product gives control back to our network members. It allows job boards to manage targeted campaigns to get the most out of the Jobg8 network on behalf of their customers. It also means that, for new clients, integration with us has been made even easier.”

About Jobg8

Jobg8 is a network marketplace for online job boards.  Their platform unifies the formerly fractured online employment website industry by allowing member job board websites to buy and sell job applications through a secure network. Based on true pay-for-performance, the Jobg8 network continues to grow in a number of worldwide regions. Today the Jobg8 network boasts over 80 million unique monthly visitors to its 2700 member websites worldwide.


For more information contact Louise Grant, Commercial Manager for Jobg8 EMEA & APAC;

Tel: +44 (0) 1621 814 261



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