The Job Board Doctor: Offering advice on mobile recruiting at the Job Board Summit Europe

Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

London. Traffic jam on London’s Tower Bridge road, long line-up at the Royal Mint Court conference registration desk: The second Job Board Summit Europe kicked-off with a pre-conference reception and more than 170 delegates could warm up to what they like best: networking, communicating, exchanging ideas and opinions. The conference was hosted by Jobg8, founder of a job board global marketplace linking more than 4,700 international job boards  aimed at delivering more qualified job applications to recruiter.

Joab Board Summit Europe London 2013
Joab Board Summit Europe London 2013

Louise Grant, jobg 8 CEO, sums up the current state of the job board s industry. „It seems that lots of other people both in our industry and in the investment community are equally as positive about the future and relevancy of job boards. Since our event last year we have seen consolidation and acquisition, Monster having taken themselves off the market, refocused and aquired a stake in Alma Media. Stepstone made key acquisitions in key vertical markets; Dice Inc. in the US acquired a number of verticals, plus the IT Job Board in the UK and US – and maybe we will see further acquisition and roll-up strategies.“

Jeff Dickey-Chasins AKA The Job Board Doctor warmed up the delegates offering a glimpse of his results of the 2013 Survey & Debate. He promised more insights related to the much  discussed question in the job board industry: „Mobile devices, laptop – what are people doing on smart phones?“

Jeff Dickes_Chasins
The Job Board Doctor offering advice

Jeff Dickey-Chasins AKA The Job Board Doctor is a Job board and career site specialist. Experienced in launching, marketing, and growing job boards and employment sites wordwide. He has worked with 180+ sites to date, in multiple sectors and countries. His expertise includes analysing how job boards can reach traffic and revenue goals.

About Jobg8

Jobg8 has built the world’s largest job board network, today over 4,000 job boards use the network to deliver more response to their customers and more job postings to their job seeker audience.


We have developed a unique and innovative platform for job boards that are serious about their business. We offer one of the most efficient tools for managing the supply and demand issues that job boards struggle with every day.

  • Purchase applications for your paying customers
  • Significantly increase your job boards reach to a potential 80 million unique visitors
  • Provide more relevant job postings to your job seekers
  • Generate an additional source of revenue
  • No CPC (Cost Per Click) Jobg8 operates a CPA (Cost Per Application)

Relevant, qualified applications are at the heart of the Jobg8 Network.



job board summit europe 2013



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