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Winning the War for Talents in the Digital Age

World Class SOCIAL RECRUITING & Talent Relationships 2014

September 4th -5th, Villa Manskopf, Frankfurt, Germany

Attend This Year and Profit from
• 14 Best Practice Case Studies from Around the World
• Personalized Agenda and Networking Concierge Service
• Hybrid On- and Offline Community and Conference
• Structured Peer-to-Peer Matchmaking for Targeted Networking

Key Topics such as
• Planning and Executing Social Media Recruiting Campaigns
• Talent Communities and Relationship Management
• The Future of Employee Referrals
• Mobile-enabled Recruiting
• Reaching out to the Best of the Best of Global Candidates


Introduction by the chairman

Futurecasting – Harnessing the Innovation Power of Big Social Data to Transform the Strategy of Hiring
• How big data & social are impacting corporate HR & recruiting
• How the talent acquisition function processes data today
• How strategic talent mapping & business intelligence, together, ensure talent pipelines which endure the test of time & circumstance
• The caveat of over dependence on vendor subscription services & technology investments
• Interpreting data for competititve intelligence
• Adoption failure: How the human factor of accountability impacts talent pipeline longevity

Dave Mendoza, Talent Innovations Strategist & Sustainable Data Evangelist, Informatica

Sourcing Hacks, Tips and Tricks
• Which sources for which types of people?
• LinkedIn search methodologies
• Special considerations for software engineers

CJ van der Westhuizen, EMEA Search Team, Dell

Coffee break with manetch-organized networking

Innovations in Social Recruiting
• How to share relevant information to cultivate brand awareness across the social web
• Which tools recruiters use to improve social hiring
• Why improving your mobile strategy is paramount for social recruiting
• Engagement practices to encourage social adoption among recruiters
• How to expand your brand’s image via social
• How to develop relationships to drive and improve engagement among potential employees
• How to build talent communities and maximize the power of social referrals
Aliah Wright, Author of the bestselling book “A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites.” (SHRM, 2013)

Social Media, Recruiting, TRM & Law – An Initial Overview
• Do I really need to care about copy rights, competition regulations and data protection while just wanting to put up a great social campaign and to recruit new staff?
• Social Media Guidelines – Just a good looking (video-)manual for your employees or is it maybe a little bit more complicated?
• Active Sourcing: Are we allowed to? Even in data-protective Germany?
Nina Diercks, Lawyer, Dirks & Diercks Rechtsanwälte

Lunch break with manetch-organized networking



Case Study: Our Social Recruiting Journey
• How CERN designed its Online recruiting strategy
• CERN’s best practices and tools
• Next steps
Anna Cook, Head of Recruiting, CERN

A Tale of Monsters and Unicorns: Global Referral Recruiting
• Incentives in a no bonus culture: How to make small gifts and even virtual badges work
• Creating buzz-worthy events
• Spreading the word across all channels
Gitta Blatt, Head of People, Wooga

Coffee break with manetch-organized networking

Holistic Employer Branding & Recruiting – DB’s Approach to Become a Top Employer
• Most important levers of successful Talent Acquisition
• Overview of the employer branding campaign “A job like no other”
• Applicant expectations
• Recruiting skills
• Selected activities in employer branding, recruiting, social media and university relations
Kerstin Wagner, Head of Talent Acquisition, DB Mobility Logistics, Queb member

Dialog Session
Building the Competences for Tomorrow’s Global Recruiting Organization
• The three types of recruiters you will need. In a world of social media and individualization our target groups require a more and more personalized approach. Therefore Recruiters need special trainings according to their target groups.
• Local specifics in a global recruiting organization. Not only target groups metter but also the country you are going to hire in. Some examples show that especially in terms of social networks country know-how is required.
• Recruiter Type active sourcer – a more specific introduction. What makes active sourcing successful? The tools you need and how to use.
• The structure of an organization which conducts active sourcing. Even if your Recruiters know how to source you need additional infrastructure according to the new requirements.
Robindro Ullah, Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication Global, Voith
Tobias Ortner, Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing, BFFT

Evening Reception



Introduction by the chairman

Tools for the Efficient Use of Social Media for HR
• Social within HR software suites
• Mobile recruiting and HR
• Trends you need to take into account for your investment decisions
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mülder, Institute of Business Process Management and IT, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein

HR Marketing for pupils: 5 assumptions, 1 solution
• # 1: It’s all about orientation
• # 2: It’s about the last 2 years
• # 3: Me, myself and I: Individualism makes the difference
• # 4: It’s not about quality, it’s about requirements
• # 5: Pupils are mobile!
• How blicksta works
Gero Hesse, Member of the Board, Medienfabrik

Coffee break with manetch-organized networking

Interactive Working Groups
Using Big Social Data for Recruiting Success
Dave Mendoza, Talent Innovations Strategist & Sustainable Data Evangelist, Informatica

Gamification of Recruiting to Create Engagement
Tim Ackermann, Senior Talent Acquisition Director, Parexel
How to build stories and enticing content
Rasmus Schjoedt Pedersen, Harvard-Book Author on Social Media and Digital Involvement
Stop searching, start matching. Learn from dating platforms!
Robin Sudermann, Chief Executive Officer, 22 Connect AG

Lunch break with manetch-organized networking


Social Recruiting Is an Inter-Departmental Task: Involving the Key Players in Your Company
• Selling social and triggering the cultural change
• Internal social recruiting processes acrosss department borders
• Managing the change and maintaining digital involvement
Rasmus Schjoedt Pedersen, Harvard-Book Author on Social Media and Digital Involvement

What HR can Learn from Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide
• Establishing a direct link between product and sales: the new Recruiting set-up
• Changing the Mind-Set of your customers: Modern Hiring Managers
• Establishing new customer interfaces: The Talent Attraction Manager
• Joining forces with Marketing: Spider-Web Recruiting
Severine Fiegler Nicole Goodfellow, Head of Talent Attraction Employer Branding Manager Infineon Technologies, Queb member

Coffee break with manetch-organized networking

Talent Relationship Management – Identify, Engage, Win the Best Candidates
• Relevance and identification of critical target groups
• Systematically engaging with talents
• Winning highly qualified candidates for the recruiting process
Melanie Stracke, Teamlead Sourcing & Scouting, Accenture, Queb member

Next Generation Sourcing – New Ways to Close the Talent Gap and Gain a Competitive Advantage
• The importance of building a competitive sourcing strategy based on market intelligence and organizational objectives
• Innovative sourcing practices that enable to gather and cultivate lasting talent pools
• Case study
Katarzyna Terlecka, Talent Sourcer, Microsoft, Queb member

Closing panel discussion

Profit from this year’s Key Note Speakers such as

Dave Mendoza, Talent Innovations Strategist & Sustainable Data Evangelist, Informatica:

Dave Mendoza
Dave Mendoza

Dave is a multi-award-winning talent acquisition thought leader and global speaker. He provides talent strategy roadmaps and customized innovations which promote the convergence of Big Data, Social data API and CRM technologies on behalf of leading Fortune 500 companies. Most recently he was a Finalist for the HROA’s Trustee Award “North American Thought Leader, 2013” as a reflection of his Innovations on behalf of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning. Among other recognitions, he earned “Excellence in Sourcing Innovation and “Most Strategic Use of Technology Awards. He recently authored, “Futurecasting: How the rise of Big Social Data API is set to Transform the Business of Recruiting.” For direct inquiries he can be emailed directly.

Dave’s thought leadership introduced the concept of ‘Talent Mapping’ using business intelligence methodologies and was an early adoptor and evangelist to social recruitment. His research utilizing Big Data principles has introduced the broad implications of Social Data API convergence, business intelligence as a service, and retaining organizational intellectual property through the application of a Talent Knowledge Library. In summary, he has conceived of a ‘Futurecasting’ metholodogy – the high-impact concept that could transform the business of recruiting.


Nina Diercks, Lawyer, Dirks & Diercks Rechtsanwälte:

Nina Diercks
Nina Diercks

Nina, M.Litt (University of Aberdeen) is a lawyer and partner of the law firm Dirks & Diercks in Hamburg, Germany. Moreover, she established the Social Media Recht Blog in 2010. The name says it: Nina counsels in all realms of social media law. More information at:


Rasmus Schjoedt Pedersen, Harvard-Book Author on Social Media and Digital Involvement: Rasmus works globally as a recoqnized expert and consultant on strategy, digital involvement and digital persuasion. He has studied new media and organizational development at MIT and Harvard and holds a master degree from Harvard University. Here he became a recipient of the prestigious Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark Scholarship and cotaught one of the university´s most popular courses in complex communications.


Robindro Ullah
Robindro Ullah

Robindro Ullah, Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication Global, Voith:
From 2005 to 2013 Robindro worked for the Deutsche Bahn in different positions. As a mathematician he started in the yield management section before entering the HR department in 2007. Within HR he focused on topics like Social Media Recruiting/ Employer Branding and employment schemes for workers over 50. On the 1st of July he joined Voith as Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication.

• 2005 – 2007 Revenuemanager (DB Fernverkehr AG)

•2007 – 2009 HR Marketing (Deutsche Bahn AG)

•2009 – 2012 Head of Additional Services (DB Services GmbH)

•2012 – 2013 Head of Talent Acquisition Region South (Deutsche Bahn AG)

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mülder
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mülder


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mülder, Institute of Business Process Management and IT, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein:
Academic Qualification at University of Essen (Business Administration, Business Informatics), Dipl.-Kfm., Dr., Software Development and Software Consulting for HRM. Professor in Business Informatics, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Moenchengladbach, Germany, Director of GEMIT Research Institute, Moenchengladbach. Consultant for eHR, HRM Software. Visiting Professor at Univ. of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.


Aliah Wright, Author of the bestselling book “A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites.” (SHRM, 2013):
Aliah is the author of a best-selling SHRM-published book “A Necessary Evil: Managing Employees’ Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites” which encourages HR professionals to embrace social media as a tool for recruiting and increased employee engagement. It also shows HR professionals how to effectively promote, protect, and defend their firm’s brands and reputations on social media platforms by encouraging them to manage employee activity with legal social media policies.

Gitta Blatt
Gitta Blatt


Gitta Blatt, Head of People, Wooga:
Gitta serves as Head of People at Wooga, one of Europe’s leading social and mobile games developers. Gitta heads Wooga’s people department, which focuses on recruiting, university relations, family support, accommodation management, on boarding and integration as well as employee assistance for more than 250 Woogas from over 40 nations. Together with her team, Gitta develops strategies for the rapid growth of the company, for the war for talent in the industry, the maintainance of the diverse company culture and ensuring that employees feel good at and about Wooga. Gitta joined Wooga in 2011. Prior to joining the game industry in 2008 as Head of HR at Bigpoint, Gitta has been working for online and entertainment companies such as AOL Time Warner for more than 15 years.


Kerstin Wagner, Head of Talent Acquisition, DB Mobility Logistics:

Kerstin Wagner
Kerstin Wagner

After completing her studies in business administration at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen and Reims Management School (France) as well as an MBA at the University of Ottawa (Canada), Kerstin joined Siemens in 1995 as assistant to the Head of  Global HR for telecommunications. Over the following years, she served in a range of HR roles, taking her to Boston (USA) and other locations.


From 2003, Kerstin established the placement and recruiting services area, involving the management of internal  interim employment and the in-house temporary employment agency. From 2009, she took charge of global employer branding and recruiting strategies and concepts as Head of Global Talent Acquisition. Since June 1, 2012, Kerstin bundles the employer branding and recruiting activities of Deutsche Bahn as Head of Talent Acquisition and as a close associate of the chief human resources officer. This enables DB to position itself as a top employer and recruit around 7,000 new employees for the DB Group each year.


Tim Ackermann
Tim Ackermann

Tim Ackermann, Senior Talent Acquisition Director, Parexel:
Tim is a seasoned and passionate HR and Talent Acquisition expert with over 15 years in various industries at companies such as Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Swarovski. Recently Tim joined PAREXEL International as Senior Director Talent Acquisition  EMEA, SEA, India and Japan. Besides he is teaching HR Management at the International School of Management, Munich.


Tim is a founding member of Queb e.V. the (German) Association for Quality Employer Branding and actively engaged in the harmonization of the European higher education with fibaa e.V.


Anna Cook, Head of Recruiting, CERN:
Anna studied biological sciences, then immunology in the UK. Her career includes roles in the laboratory sales sector and the semiconductor industry; she joined CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland in 2004. The Computing Grid was her first challenge, managing all administrative aspects of this worldwide, European Commission-funded project ‘Enabling Grids for E-sciencE’, spanning over 200 institutes in over 50 countries and which lasted 6 years.


In parallel, she managed the human resource and materials budget planning for the CERN-IT Department. In 2010, Anna took a central role in setting up the new CERN-wide Recruitment Unit , leading a team of 5 recruiters, managing the Unit’s development and projects recruiting all manner of profiles, ranging from technicians through to phycisists, support staff and engineers.


Katarzyna Terlecka
Katarzyna Terlecka

Katarzyna Terlecka, Talent Sourcer, Microsoft:
Katarzyna is a Talent Sourcer at Microsoft and joined the team in June 2011. She is an expert in effective and innovative sourcing with an emphasis on diversity search. Katarzyna is very passionate about creative, strategic and structured sourcing.


She is eager on going beyond traditional approaching methods and is actively looking for new ways to attract top professional talents. She graduated with a Master`s Degree from the Faculty of Economics and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Outside of work Katarzyna loves taking photos and has a big passion for travelling.


Gero Hesse
Gero Hesse

Gero Hesse, Member of the Board, Medienfabrik:
Gero’s mission is “creating relationships between talents and employers”. Working in the field of employer branding, HR marketing and recruitment since 15 years in companies such as accenture, Bertelsmann and now embrace, he is known as social media expert, employer branding innovator with “careerloft” and blogger with his blog

Supported by Media Partners such as


As the only German institution exclusively specialized in national and global Employer Branding, DEBA develops credible, differentiating and forward-looking employer brands and accompanies organizations along the entire process chain of employer brand management. In cooperation with leading European universities, DEBA trains Europe’s employer brand managers and provides research on current Employer Branding issues. Supported by Media Partners such as The weblog “Verbände-Talk” addresses associations which deal with the internal interest coordination as well as the external lobbying process. Associations whose addressees are their own members, state and politics as well as the public and media. The “Verbände-Talk” discusses basically all aspects which concern the professional organization of these core duties like strategy, lobbying, communications, recruiting etc.

personalmagazin is by far the largest circulating and best-selling trade journal for Human Resource management in German-speaking countries. In addition to management issues, it addresses the challenges faced by Human Resource professionals.

Talents Connect

Robin Sudermann, 22connect
Robin Sudermann

There is more to recruiting than spending hours of reading and rejecting copy-paste applications. Talents Connect is a new and innovative recommendation platform, aggregating hard and soft skills of applicants into one ‘matching score’. This matching score illustrates how well an applicant fits to a company and their job openings, by taking a wide variety of criteria into account. Just like dating platforms Talents Connect offers its users a short but precise survey to distinguish themselves – or to profile the job they’re offering in detail. After completion of the survey Talents Connect’s algorithm compares all applicants to every single job on the platform and presents the best matches in real-time. Thus, with less effort, time and money, applicants and job offers can now be matched on a larger scale than traditional recruiting. This mechanism not only holds the potential of scaling up the amount of potential applicants, but also brings an incomparable quality of applicants, yet to be seen in today’s recruitment process.

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