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3 Types of Questions You Need to Ask in the Video Interview

Josh Tolan, CEO SparkHire
Josh Tolan, CEO Spark Hire

Each month, there are a little more than four million separations in the workforce. Of those separations, about 2.5 million result from employee quits, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.
Recruiting is turning into an endless process to attract and retain the right talent, and many have turned to using video interview as an efficient tool for screening candidates of all kinds. It has proved to help too — 33 percent of companies reported video interviews improved the interview to hire ratio.

However, as for any interview, to be effective you must ask the right questions to find out if your candidate is a good match for the job and your company.

Here are some questions you should ask candidates during a video interview to ensure you’re hiring the right person:


Culture Fit Questions

Assessing a candidate’s culture fit might be the most important aspect of a video interview. If your candidate’s personal culture doesn’t align with your company culture, your employer-employee relationship is doomed to fail. A study by Towers Watson reveals two key drivers for sustainable employee engagement are company culture and relational aspects in the workplaceAsk questions that reveal what your candidate values most in his or her personal life, in a career, and in relationships. Perhaps your candidate is passionate about benevolent causes revealing a kind, giving personality. Maybe your candidate loves to travel revealing an adaptable mind full of experience and wisdom. Seek out points where the company’s mission aligns with the candidate’s interests. Examples of culture fit questions include:

„You were invited on your dream vacation, but you’re only allowed to take two of your previous co-workers with you, who do you choose and why?”

“If you could have lunch with any person in the world, who would you choose and why?”

Responsibility Questions

Gauging responsibility in candidates can be difficult, but you can ask questions that reveal the candidate’s attitude toward responsibilities. You’ll want to find candidates that demonstrate taking ownership of where they work and anything they work on. Otherwise, they might be detached from their work, meaning work quality and productivity will suffer. Examples of responsibility questions include:



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