Jobsoid Launches Job Description Builder to Simplify Recruitment

By Mayuri Chaudhary

Jobsoid, an applicant tracking software, focused on simplifying recruitment, recently released a Job Description Builder with an online library of customizable job description templates.

With the Free Job Description Builder, hiring managers will now be able to quickly draft that perfect job description with minimal effort. They can choose a template from the online library of over 500 ready to use job descriptions, customize it and kick start their recruitment in a matter of minutes. The library is meticulously crafted by HR experts from the industry and contains templates which are clear, concise and cover the precise points necessary to attract the right talent for the job.

Bhavit Naik

These tools have been a part of the Jobsoid platform since the last few months and greatly helped optimize recruiting processes of over 2000 companies to hire better and faster. Now, hiring managers can focus their time and energy on more fundamental tasks like choosing the right candidate, while Jobsoid handles the rest.

The Free Job Description Builder by Jobsoid will help hiring teams to:

  • Choose an existing job description template and customize it to suit their own requirements
  • Choose points from multiple templates to write a better job description
  • Draft desired job descriptions and post them on multiple channels in one click
  • Post various job descriptions for different industries on job boards directly, using Jobsoid
  • Download the customized job description in PDF format and save it for recruitment records

Bhavit Naik, CEO of Jobsoid Inc. quoted,

„Jobsoid is committed to simplifying recruitment for hiring teams across the world and we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to achieve this. We realized that writing a good job description was a major hurdle for every hiring manager, hence, we created the Job Description Builder with Online Library. Realizing the importance of what we have built, we wanted this resource to reach out to the masses. We’re excited to make this available Free of Cost, to anyone struggling to write that perfect job description. The best part, they don’t even need to sign up to use this!“

Hiring teams from all over the world have already used Jobsoid to optimize their recruitment processes for the last 3 years and over 1 Million candidates have already applied for jobs via the platform. Jobsoid offers a 14 day free trial that needs no credit card and can be canceled at any time.

Why Hiring Teams trust Jobsoid for Streamlining their Recruitment Process?

  • Automated distribution of jobs across popular job boards and social channels
  • Customizable application forms which make the application process quick and easy
  • Automated engagement emails that keep candidates informed and updated
  • Smart interview scheduling that allows candidates to choose a convenient time slot for interviews
  • Video interviews that make interviews possible anytime, anywhere
  • Advanced recruitment workflow automation for fast and efficient hiring



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