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Bullhorn Launches Free Social Recruiting Platform for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Art Pappas

Boston. After spreading through word-of-mouth to 10,000 recruiters in four months of open beta, Bullhorn, Inc. is making Bullhorn Reach Personal Edition generally available –  for free. Bullhorn Reach is a social recruiting platform that makes it easy for recruiters and HR managers to quickly sift through the fire hose of social media behavioral data to find and connect with qualified candidates before anyone else snaps them up. is currently drawing more than 300,000 candidates each month.

„Identifying and connecting with interested and qualified job seekers through social channels has been like a wild goose chase. But it shouldn’t be that hard. Social networks are supposed to make it easy to connect, and now they will,“ said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn.

A Single Platform to Manage Social Recruiting. Bullhorn Reach provides a single place to manage social recruiting. Finding and attracting qualified candidates across social networks can take an inordinate amount of time and effort. And the learning curve for each channel Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  is high. Bullhorn Reach eliminates it and nearly all of the effort so recruiters can focus on what they enjoy most  building relationships. Now recruiters and hiring managers can share open jobs, find qualified candidates, and build personal brands in one place.

„For candidates, putting a resume on a job board means risking their current position. Recruiters are on the other end trying to reach qualified people before they get scooped up. Bullhorn Reach solves that problem,“ said Papas. „We have a feature called Radar that identifies potential job seekers, often before they send out a single resume. It also helps talented professionals connect with great opportunities without broadcasting their intentions.“

Radar Finds Passive Job Seekers First. Bullhorn Reach’s Radar capability turns unorganized and disparate social media data into predictive business intelligence. It analyzes usage patterns on LinkedIn and Facebook to identify qualified professionals who might be considering a job change, often well before they’ve begun the interview process. This is a huge benefit to the job seekers as well. Now, they can get on the radar of the companies they’d love to work for, along with third party recruiters. Through subtle moves that won’t attract their boss‘ attention, such as updating their social profiles or adding endorsements, job seekers can trigger the patent- pending algorithms within Bullhorn Reach’s Radar.

„We have been very pleased with Bullhorn Reach and particularly impressed with the Radar algorithm and the job posting tool,“ said Mark Leon, Talent Acquisition Specialist for Aon Hewit. „For our organization, Bullhorn Reach has bridged the gap between our needs and the possibilities that social media and cloud-based technology offer.“

Analytics Enable Adjustments and Measurement. Through advanced analytics, Bullhorn Reach lets hiring managers and recruiters measure and adjust their social recruiting efforts based on which online sources (among their social networks and job boards) are driving the most traffic. Now they don’t have to guess about which channels are working and which ones are dead ends.

„One of the worst assumptions you can make, even at an enterprise market leader like SAP, is thinking the people who you want to target know anything about your company,“ said James McKinstry, senior technical recruiter, Americas Labs, SAP. „Bullhorn Reach lets us have a two-way conversation. I can reach out and let people in my networks know what is going on at SAP, keeping us top of mind in a positive way. And when opportunities arise, most of the groundwork has been laid to make that connection quickly and effectively.“

Why Now? Bullhorn Reach Personal Edition will be free for life for anyone who signs up now. But we can’t guarantee it will be free forever, so don’t miss out.

By integrating email, calendaring, sourcing, applicant tracking, job management and customer relationship management, Bullhorn’s On Demand, integrated front office enables users to communicate and collaborate with contacts, candidates, colleagues and clients in real- time to generate, source and fill job orders, at anytime and from anyplace.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn Reach is a division of Bullhorn, Inc., the global leader in Software-as-a-Service for independent recruitment agencies. Innovation and satisfied customers lie at the heart of Bullhorn’s meteoric growth over the last 10 years, accruing over 20 percent revenue growth each year for the last six years in a row. Bullhorn’s core business provides completely integrated staffing and recruiting solutions to over 2,100 customers and 25,000 users around the world from a wide variety of job markets. Privately owned, Bullhorn is principally backed by Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners.

The success of Bullhorn’s core business has afforded the Bullhorn Reach team, a start-up within the company, to tackle the issue of social recruiting. In an ever-changing landscape, Bullhorn Reach applies the time-tested values of innovation and service to the road ahead.

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