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LinkedIn leads in Social Recruiting

The new social recruiting survey conducted by Jobvite in the USA indicates what many experts expected. When it comes to recruiting in social networks, LinkedIn is the top choice of US recruiters. Facebook ranks on second place while Twitter reached third place among to most popular social recruiting networks. This is one of the findings indicated in Jobvite’s most recent social recruiting survey conducted among 1.000 recruiters across the USA.



Widespread acceptance of social recruiting leads to a spike in candidate quantity and quality and an increase in employee referrals, and social knowledge.

Social media has quickly become a dominant force for companies to find and hire quality talent. Because it allows employers to tap extended networks for candidates that would not be found otherwise, social recruiting offers tremendous value to companies of all sizes. It has become an essential avenue for recruiters to  successfully compete in the war for talent. The increase in social media use for recruiting is a direct result of the number of quality candidates seen from social channels. As tracking systems and social networks become commonplace in recruiting, trending data indicates social recruiting not only increases the number of applicants  in the hiring pipeline, but also the quality of candidates.

  • 92% of respondents use or plan to use social media for recruiting, an increase of almost ten percent from the 83% using social recruiting in 2010.
  • 73% have successfully hired a candidate through social networks, making social recruiting a highly effective source of quality new hires.
  • A large majority of recruiters (71%) consider themselves savvy in social recruiting, having a sizeable understanding of what to look for in social profiles.
  • 49% of recruiters who implemented social recruiting saw an increase in the quantity of candidates, and 43% noted a surge in the quality of candidates.

Respondents of this survey clearly suggest that social recruiting is forefront in their hiring strategies, and in particular there’s growing interest in reviewing candidate’s profiles during the hiring process.

  • 80% of respondents like to see memberships and affinities with professional organizations. Volunteerism also creates a positive impression with 66% of respondents.
  • 78% had a negative reaction to illegal drug references; while 67% felt similar toward posts of a sexual nature.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes in social profiles also garnered a negative reaction from 54% of respondents – much higher than alcohol consumption at 47% negative.

As recruiters continue to collect more knowledge on social recruiting best practices, the number of quality hires acquired through social media increases. The role candidates’ social activity plays in hiring decisions also grows in importance. Hiring in and of itself has broadened its reach to include a multitude of social media sources as companies continue to seek out new ways to find and hire the best talent.


The Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2012 was conducted online between May and June 2012. Over 1000 people across the globe completed the survey in response to an email invitation sent to a registered list of human resources and recruiting professionals. Respondents answered questions using an online survey tool. The data  collected from this survey is available only in aggregate form.


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Download 2012 social recruiting survey results:

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