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Monstrous! – Can Monster pull it off?

Jeff Dickes_Chasins
Jeff Dickey-Chasins a.k.a. The Job Board Doctor offering advice

Once, in a world far, far away (i.e., the 1990s), Monster beat its chest and claimed to be the biggest and best source for online jobs in the world, bar none. Then, last week, Monster – diminished, no longer for sale, and facing significant declines in revenue – once again beat its chest and said that it would be number one, again. Per Sal Iannuzzi, CEO President: „This is disruptive to every one of our competitors.”

So what does disruption look like? Well, kind of like what Monster’s competitors are already doing:

  •  Increase the number of jobs on Monster by tenfold
  • Aggregate content on candidates from everywhere on the web (no doubt through recent acquisition TalentBin) – and increase the number of candidates
  • Move to cloud-based solutions for employers
  • Add PPC

The Job Board Doctor: Offering advice on mobile recruiting at the Job Board Summit Europe

Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide

London. Traffic jam on London’s Tower Bridge road, long line-up at the Royal Mint Court conference registration desk: The second Job Board Summit Europe kicked-off with a pre-conference reception and more than 170 delegates could warm up to what they like best: networking, communicating, exchanging ideas and opinions. The conference was hosted by Jobg8, founder of a job board global marketplace linking more than 4,700 international job boards  aimed at delivering more qualified job applications to recruiter.

Joab Board Summit Europe London 2013
Joab Board Summit Europe London 2013

European Job Board Summit 2013 Announces Speaker Line Up

Louise Grant
Louise Grant

The organisers of the 2013 European Job Board Summit, being held in London on the 4th/5th December are delighted to announce their speaker line up for the 2013 summit

After the success of the 2012 inaugural summit which was attended by 160 plus senior job board executives from over 18 countries the 3rd summit globally and second in Europe promises to be the Job Board event of the year, a stellar line up of speakers tackle the topics of the moment. These include;

  • The move towards In-House Recruiting – Opportunity or Threat
  • Global Trends for Job Boards
  • The Mobile Candidate
  • Social Marketing – embracing the power of the web
  • Job Board Technology – what next? The social job board